Two products combined in one. A Seat Pad+Blanket to fit all strollers and car seats. Easily insert seat straps through the PadiBlanket's holes. Open the blanket's wings, seat and buckle in your little one. The 3 blanket wings will enable you to cover your baby with one, two or three layers of light blanket according to weather condition and your baby needs. This snugly blanket will never fall off your stroller, even when it is laid open for less coverage. Elli&Nooli's baby products are made with organic cotton pique fabric, which is known for its unique ability to remain airy, yet warm, due to its raised woven thread. Seat area is extra padded for maximum comfort. Cotton/fleece colors come in cream with piping in Red, Navy  Blue or Natural Beige. 100% cotton colors come in cream with orange or aqua piping.